Our Hidden Selves

The hidden language of our emotional life is complex and comprised of many layers. The foundations of these layers are developed during childhood at a time when we are powerless and unable to articulate our frustrations, fears, confusion and discomfort. No matter how nurturing our families, as children we experience the world as a confusing place and are in a constant struggle to make sense of the limits and restrictions placed on us by our environment and social structure. Through verbal and non-verbal messages we learn what actions and emotions are acceptable, and unconsciously develop emotional defenses in order to survive. These defenses often take the form of unconscious responses - and patterns of behavior - that we use to protect ourselves emotionally from a world of which we have little understanding, but whose consequences we feel directly and often painfully. 

As we mature into adults we are no longer powerless, but our patterns of relating to the world are deeply ingrained and triggered unconsciously in different situations. Unfortunately some of these patterns of unconscious behavior inherited from our childhood are not always helpful to our leading healthy adult emotional lives and relationships. If not well understood, these patterns can often lead to breakdowns in our families, friendships, and careers. 

Part of our work will be to recognize these patterns by uncovering the layers in a safe, therapeutic setting, and help you establish the most constructive and productive patterns for the way you want to live your adult life. You have the power to free yourself of emotional burdens and reinvigorate your life and relationships. The choice is yours.